All NEW members are subject to the new membership criteria. All members will require a genealogy done prior to the renewal of their membership. If your membership expires within 6 months or less you must submit both applications Genealogy (MGCC) and Membership together.

We do NOT accept genealogy from any other source, ONLY accept Métis Genealogical Centre of Canada (MGCC) genealogy must have their copy write on it to be valid. We DO NOT accept shared genealogy from Brother, Sister, Niece, Nephew, Auntie, Uncle or Grandparent.

Note: in all cases, if you are referring to a parental genealogy, you must submit all supporting documents birth or baptism showing their name, If you do not have this document for extenuating circumstance (adoption) please supply a valid certified letter by a commissioner of oaths.

To make the payment of $125.00 for Membership can be done on the websites at or  on the membership page through the Paypal button or you can E-Transfer ( using your last name as the password) to this email or money order to address listed below.

Canadian Metis Council Central Processing

212 Henderson Hwy Unit 3
Suite 320
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2L 1L8
506-356-7596 or 204-417-4727

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by email or phone

Prices and timeframes are subject to change without notice 


Any future denied applications will have their funds processed NO EXCEPTIONS, the funds will be allocated to "Administrative Fees". You will be charged again for application costs.

Returned payments are subject to an NSF fee of $50.00 that may be collected upon through legal means. 




Print off and fill in page 2 and 3 of application FORMS ON BOTTOM OF PAGE

Add 1 citizenship size picture (PASSPORT PHOTOS ONLY)

Add processing $50.00 per applicant. Fees subject to change without notice

Please note that the Renewal date stays the same as on old card


Print off and fill in application FORMS ON BOTTOM OF PAGE

ONLY accept Métis Genealogical Centre of Canada please call 204-417-4727 or visit their website at We do NOT accept Brother, Sister, Niece, Nephew, Cousin, Auntie, Uncle, or Grandparents Genealogies. All other genealogies done previously are null and void unless it is an MGCC Genealogy must have their copy write on it to be valid

Add a photocopy of a government picture ID, such as Driver’s license, passport, firearms license, etc. Either one of these is sufficient (NO ORIGINALS)

Add a photocopy of either Long Form Birth certificate or Baptismal (NO ORIGINALS)

Add 2 Citizenship size Pictures (PASSPORT PHOTOS ONLY)

Add processing $125.00 per applicant. Fees subject to change without notice

If you have membership with another organization, please provide a carbon copy of letter asking you be removed from their database. As you cannot be registered in 2 different databases


Print off and fill in pages 2 and 3 of application FORMS ON BOTTOM OF PAGE

Add a photocopy of CMC or CMC-IT card

Add 2 Citizenship size pictures (PASSPORT PHOTOS ONLY)

Add processing $125.00 per applicant (Fees subject to change without notice)

These fees and photos are renewable every 5 years

All applicants require a MGCC Genealogy for renewal (MANDATORY)

Canadian Métis Council - Intertribal