Canadian Métis Council - Intertribal

- Who can apply?
You can apply as young as 24 hours old to no age limit

- How do I become a member?
The membership criteria is on our membership page. If you need further assistance please call our Central Processing Office at


- What is the cost for membership?
Membership is $125.00 NON-REFUNDABLE (prices subject to change without notice) PAYABLE TO CMC

- How long does it take to get my card?
The current processing time is 4-6 months. They are done on a first come first served basis.

- What is the cost for genealogy?
Genealogy is $250.00 NON-REFUNDABLE (prices subject to change without notice) PAYABLE TO MGCC

- ​Can I self identify as a Métis?
Unfortunately we do not accept self identification for membership. As the federal government has set forth we require documented proof of aboriginal ancestry. 

- Can I use DNA instead of a genealogy?
We do not accept DNA. As DNA can only verify who are your biological parents and grandparents, and cannot determine percentage of race. We require a genealogy to obtain membership.

- Where can I get a genealogy?
You can call the Métis Genealogical Centre of Canada at 204-417-4727, email, visit their website at

- Who can use my genealogy?
Only you, your child and your parent can use your genealogy. It can NOT be shared with Aunties, Uncles, Nieces, Nephews, Cousins Grandparents. Genealogies are family specific and each family requires their own.

- I already have a genealogy from someplace else why can i not use that?
We require a certified genealogy from our genealogy centre. We no longer accept outside genealogies because we have had issues with verification of some of them.

     - How long does a genealogy take?
The processing time for genealogy is is 18-24 months (or longer). They are done on a First come first served basis. Time frames  subject to change without notice

- Who does not qualify as Métis?
You are registered as an Indian under the Indian Act or as an Inuk on an Inuit registry. If you have NO Aboriginal blood ties. (Ex. If your spouse is Aboriginal and you are not - you do not qualify for a card)

- Why can I not be a member of 2 organizations at one time?
The Federal Government only allows membership to one organization at a time. 

- How do I opt out of another organization
We require a copy of a letter with your membership application that was sent to the other organization along with a photocopy of your previous membership card. You will need to return your old card to the previous organization. Saskatchewan members please just send copy of old card as you do not have active offices at this time.

- Why do I need to renew my application every 5 years?
We require every member to renew their membership every 5 years because we follow Identification laws in Canada. This is also a way   to keep our membership database current.

- What happens if a member passes away before their membership is up for renewal?
We require a family member to submit a copy of the death certificate so that we may properly retire their number form the database so it is not used by another member in the future. You membership number is unique to you.

- How do I find your federal registration status?
We are listed on the Government of  Canada website for Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, on the Corporations Canada Section. On there is an option to "Search for a federal Corporation" link on the right. Type in the Corporation name and it will reroute you to the search results.

- Are Métis Tax Exempt?

The CMC-IT does not claim and has never claimed that possession of a CMC-IT Citizenship Card entitles the holder to tax exemption in Canada. The Métis people, like Inuit and First Nation peoples who may not be registered as Status Indians under the Indian Act, are not exempt from paying taxes.​

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