Genealogical Project

In Canada there is a growing interest in one's cultural roots and heritage. People of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds are seeking ways to connect with their ancestors. In recent years many Métis people right across Canada, have been searching for such ways and means to establish their Métis ancestry. In the response to the growing interest the Métis Genealogical Centre of Canada initiated a research service to assist with the search of Métis status for all North Americans.

Research, compile, publish and distribute information pertaining to Métis families who are descended from the people who are of  aboriginal decent across Canada and the United States during the 16-20th Centuries.

The Métis Genealogical Centre of Canada genealogical service references primary sources:

Federal census records up to and including 1901
Métis Scrip Applications and Indexes (Red River Settlement)
Church & Parish Records
Voyageurs Contracts and documents
Hudson’s Bay Company biographies
National/Provincial Archives
Indian Census rolls (USA)​

Canadian Métis Council - Intertribal


The Métis flag was the oldest flag that originated in Canada, used before the Battle of Seven Oaks in 1816. The Métis have 2 flags. Both flags have the same design, the infinity symbol, the "Red" represents the Hudson Bay Co., while the "Blue" was the North West Co. The infinity symbol has 2 meanings, the joining of 2 cultures

The Canadian Métis Council (CMC) is dedicated to the concerns of the Métis people regarding culture, harvesting rights, education, health, youth, justice and other related issues. CMC is also dedicated to the promotion of Métis culture and history. CMC also encourages involvement of our members with other political and cultural organizations.

The Canadian Métis Council was established in 1997 to further the economic, political, spiritual and cultural aspirations of Canada's Métis people.

The Canadian Métis Council is comprised of over 50 community councils and affiliate Métis organizations in every province of Canada. As well, treaties have been signed with Métis organizations in the United States.

Governed by a Board of Directors, the Canadian Métis Council is a non-profit corporation concerned with cultural issues, harvesting rights, education, health, youth, justice and other related issues that directly effect the Métis people of North America.

Persons who believe that they have Aboriginal ancestry are invited to submit an application to CMC's Registry Office.